Voice and SMS Service to connect
with your supporters

Start having more personalized, real conversations with your supporters. Grow your brand, grow your business!

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Intelligent Solutions for Businesses
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Discover a convenient and powerful way to connect with your customers in a customized & efficient way.

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Reach Out

Reach out to your customers and supports through a voice message. Voice sms have a higher impact on campaigns than emails.

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Mobilise Support

Get thousands of volunteers all over the country talk to your supporters using our broadcast software. You only pay for the calls made.

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Reminders To Act

Remind your supporters about election dates, to go out to vote and about your events. Broadcast your message quickly!

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How Cystus BS Can Help You

Our Voice broadcasting software will call a list of contacts and play your message when the person answers the phone. You can choose to broadcast a different message when an answering machine answers the phone.

Use our voice broadcasting software to drive new business. Upload a list of contacts and call them to offer a simple press-1 option. The contacts are then directly connected to your business. Schedule campaigns at the best times for your contacts, customize the number of calls made per second and much more.


What More Can You Do With Cystus BS

Patch-through Calls

Grassroots Advocacy
Drive real change by reaching out to your supporters, guiding them and connecting them directly to their representatives.


Voter Outreach
Reach out to voters in key areas and help them get to the voting booth.

Supporter Mobilization

Events and Rallies
Drive supporters to events and rallies instantly through text messages. Get RSVPs too.


Donor Stewardship
Improve the relationship with your donors and increase the amount of funds raised through calls that are informed and considerate.

Voter ID

Political Campaigns
Identify the issues that matter to your voters and recruit those that show support to your candidate.

Membership Management

Keep in touch with the members of your community and update them on meetings, issues and changes.

How It Works

Steps To Get Started

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Request A Demo

Requesting a demo helps us set up your account on the system to enable you start broadcasting yourself.

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Fund Your Account

You can fund your account and have access to send as many voice broadcasts as you desire.

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Send A Broadcast

Sending a broadcast is just a push of a button. With one click your broadcast is set on its way!


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